A Virtual Event Experience Events and meetings for the new remote digital world.

  • Live Event Presentation
  • Green Screen Shoot
  • Live Event Presentation
  • Green Screen Shoot

We are your Virtual Meetings Technology Partner, creating extraordinary virtual event experiences that are exciting and will engage your audience throughout.

We’ve worked with:

over 28 years

Working in the production staging corporate events industry for over 28 years, we understood exactly how to design a platform that would come as close as possible to the live meeting event experience.

Virtual Meetings was designed during the pandemic to be the solution for The Full Virtual Corporate
Meeting Experience, we designed Virtual Meetings from the ground up looking through the lens of a corporate business meeting.



Live Events
Hybrid Events
Virtual Events
Live Streaming
Galas & Fundraisers
4K Green Screen Shoots

Production Support


Set up a consultation based on your event goals, themes, and budget


Create a Virtual Event Plan & Blueprint for your workflow including general session & breakouts.


Livestreaming to our platform or any platform that will except an RTMP steam key.

Survey’s & Polls

Live audience polling & sruveys for your event, pre and post. Receive all analytic data.

Virtual Sets

Custom 3D virtual sets, 4K green screen shoots and LED Rx studios to give the look and feel of a virtual live network broadcast.

Tech Support

We are with you and your attendee’s from the beginning to end, sending out login preflight guides, tech support registration, and a concierge help desk during the event.

Full Support

We support your event from start to finish, working with your team to help plan and support all your event meeting needs.

Analytics Reports

Detailed reports on viewer attendance, audience engagement stats including, polling, surveys, and recordings.

The VM Process

Our goal is to create event experiences to be as close as possible to an actual live event, with Registration, Scheduling, Content Downloads, a Network Lounge, General Session, Breakout Rooms, a Sponsor Spotlight area, Concierge Help Desk, and The Exhibit Hall.


We offer two types of registration forms, our basic form with the attendee’s full name and email and a more detailed form adding criteria that is used for the Network Lounge attendee matching.

Event Agenda Page

We offer custom scheduling per session, listing each presentation date and time with the option to download the presenter’s bio and PowerPoint deck, including the full event schedule.

The Network Lounge

After registration, your attendees can be invited to attend the Network Lounge to meet and network with other attendees. They are able to connect and exchange contact info, and meet & greet creating long lasting business relationships. Attendees can interact with other attendees and with management.

General Session

The General Session (GS) module was designed to simulate a live general session. Once in the GS, your attendees will see a large broadcast streaming window with a unique engagement application to the right of the streaming window that has many audience engagement options. In the live broadcast GS stream window, we can stream your live or prerecorded program from our NYC studios, or you have the option to broadcast your stream to our platform using our RTMP key.

Breakout Rooms

Attendees will have the same options as the General Session in the Breakout Rooms, with a large broadcast streaming window and our unique engagement application. We can schedule to open as many separate Breakout Rooms as needed for your event.

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall was designed for product presentation before and after the general session to present your vendor products and devices to your attendees.

Sponsor Spotlight

In the Sponsor Spotlight you can list and highlight all your corporate sponsors and supporters, with each sponsor’s logo and a brief description, and a link to each sponsor’s website. Your sponsors will appreciate all the attention that they will receive.

Your Branding

Your corporate branding will appear on the landing page and all the inner pages. Virtual Meetings has fully customizable branding, with your design, your backgrounds, your logo, and your event theme message on the landing page header.

Interactive Audience Engagement:

You can increase audience awareness with our interactive engagement module. You are able to activate your audience, engage participants with the best real-time Q&A, polling, and brainstorming tools.

  • Live moderated Q&A sessions..
  • Gauge your audience opinion with live polls and surveys..
  • Live audience feedback, keep your finger on the pulse of your audience in real time..
  • Live raffles & quizzes, create icebreaker games or offer rewards via friendly competitions..
  • Brainstorming tools, idea workshops, great for breakouts..
  • Analytics, pull detailed reports to learn viewer information, audience engagement stats, as well as replies to surveys and polls..

Q&A Audio Bridge

With our live audio phone bridge patched into The Virtual Meetings platform, we can have callers dial-in on an 800 number to ask questions with the audience and the presenter both hearing the question and the answer with minimal delay.

Security & Encryption:

Our secure platforms are designed to support audiences of 10,000 or more concurrently via any device anywhere in the world.

Social Media

To promote social interaction and collaboration among participants you have an option to place your social media links at the bottom of the main landing page.


All the Virtual Meetings modules are options that can be turned on or off, and are priced separately. The General Session module includes the Event Agenda page and the Concierge Help Desk. Our user-friendly interface is designed for your audience to navigate the site intuitively, creating exciting and secure Virtual Meetings experiences.

Our VM Platform or Your Platform:

From our broadcast control rooms we can stream your event to our Virtual Meetings platform or to any platform that you choose. We understand that there are other platforms with which you may have a working relationship, and we are not limited to just one

We are flexible and we will work with your team to manage the event and stream your program to any platform that you are working with and accustomed to, including Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Ustream.

Custom 3D Virtual Sets:

For the ultimate live or pre-recorded broadcast experience, we create unique custom 3D virtual sets using our greenscreen and LED Rx studios, to give the look and feel of a unique live network broadcast.

Our studios and control rooms are all equipped with broadcast-quality 4K cameras and engineering equipment, providing the highest quality image to composite your talent into our 3D virtual sets to broadcast your event.


Live Stream Broadcast

  • Our live streaming is broadcast quality
  • Virtual sets with high quality real time chroma key
  • Broadcast your host and presenter live from our studios
  • Lower third title graphic overlay
  • Video, and graphic playback
  • Multi Camera Broadcast Switch
  • Camera and PowerPoint graphics over a background with (Picture-in-Picture)
  • All transitions and effects, logo and bug overlays, ticker overlays and more…
  • Full live and virtual audio capabilities<
  • NDI feeds from other locations
  • URL feeds from websites
  • Recording in HD and 4K

Please ask about our Gala Fundraiser Platform (Virtual Tables)

The elegance of a traditional gala event transformed to a virtual experience. Virtual Tables enables not-for-profits to create dynamic, unique fundraising events that combine the best of a traditional Gala with new exciting interactive tools that will engage your audience. Virtual Tables enables guests to interact with the other guests at their table, to chat and mingle while enjoying a fully produced show with live entertainment performances and speeches. We bring the stars to your table! Bring your CEO or a celebrity guest appearance to each table. All of this is incorporated with live Text to Pledge, Bidpal auctions, custom branding, table sponsorship, and more…